Thomas A. Molloy, LTD.

Thomas Molloy

As a 2nd generation Land Surveyor and founder of Thomas A. Molloy, LTD, Tom has been excelling in the land surveying profession for over 25 years.

Tom has been directly responsible for:

  • Overseeing large Residential and Commercial Subdivisions
  • Platting and field construction staking in Illinois and Wisconsin
  • Boundary and ALTA surveys
  • Researching public and private records
  • Relocating lost and obliterated corners
  • Establishing, reestablishing or perpetuating survey monuments
  • Subdividing sections
  • Establishing or retracing property from data acquired by field measurements
  • Reestablishing obliterated property lines
  • Preparing descriptions of real property from data acquired by field measurements
  • Conducting resurveys
  • Writing and interpreting land descriptions
  • Preparing maps showing other divisions of land not controlled by statute or ordinance
  • Preparing highway maps
  • Construction staking for highways, roads, streets or similar projects within the boundaries of established rights of way
  • Performing topographic surveys
  • Performing new building layout or construction surveys
  • Preparing maps of sections or portions of sections or townships as established by the original public land survey and subdivision of those sections in accordance with the manuals of surveying instructions by the federal government and the State of Wisconsin
  • Preparing maps of subdivision plats in accordance with the Wisconsin Statutes or local ordinances
  • Preparing certified survey maps in accordance with the Illinois and Wisconsin Statutes or local ordinances
  • Preparing official plats or maps of land in these states

Tom has used this knowledge to provide Expert Witness Testimony: April 2009 Testified to appropriate survey methodology and standards on behalf of the plaintiff in The Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois County Department Chancery Division Case No. 08 CH 44974. Judgment was entered in favor of the Plaintiff for Injunctive and Declaratory relief.

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Thomas Molloy