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Land Surveyors are an essential part of design/build community that includes engineers, architects, grading contractors and utility contractors.

Land Surveyors map the topography of land for engineering design, certify that structures are built according to design, lay out buildings, subdivisions and other construction projects so the construction companies can relate the engineering plans to the real world, and build control networks that all land parcels can relate to in a given area.

Subdividing land into parcels for homes may sound straight forward, but in practice it is an involved process that requires experience and the ability to communicate effectively with engineers, and local, city or county officials. Whether for a single lot "cut-out" or a multi-lot subdivision, our plats are prepared to meet or exceed the standards set forth by county or city review agencies.

Accurate site layout is essential when performing any type of construction work. Our surveyors are prepared to make sure you get the timely response you need.

When you need to know exactly how your entire site or any portion thereof was constructed an As-Built survey may be what you need. Many review agencies and lenders are requiring an As-Built survey to verify just how close to the construction plans your site was built. Our surveyors will locate those features needed and prepare an exact map of those items.

Topographic Mapping

Generally needed for site design purposes or drainage studies, a topographic map represents the horizontal and vertical shape of natural and artificial physical features of a property.

Permit Plats

Before receiving a building permit, it is typically required that a boundary survey be performed. A Permit plat is a boundary survey that shows existing physical features on the site, and indicates where proposed improvements are to be built.

Geometric Worksheets

In order to accurately transfer planned improvements from paper to ground, TAM calculates the entire plan in a coordinate based geometric program. TAM prepares a detailed geometric worksheet and then carefully reviews the horizontal and vertical geometry in order to ensure that the plan actually works within the required setback restrictions.

Construction Layout (or Staking)

Upon completion of a geometric worksheet and review, TAM will field stake critical points of the plan, in order to ensure proper placement of proposed features.

As-Built Surveys (As-Built or Spot Surveys)

These detail newly constructed physical site improvements for accuracy.

TAM Surveyors offers a wide variety of construction land survey services including:

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Permit Plats
  • Geometric Worksheets
  • Construction Layout (or Staking)
  • As-Built Surveys (As-Built or Spot Survey)
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