If you have an interest in a particular parcel of land either as an owner, a purchaser, a real estate agent, title insurer, attorney, architect or developer, it is important to know everything that affects that land.

The surveyor is your objective eye to the land, gathering all pertinent information through detailed measurements in the field and by thorough research of legal documents.

The result is an accurate determination of the parcel's described boundaries, their location on the ground and the physical and legal characteristics of the parcel within those boundaries.

A plat is the graphic representation of the survey work. Except for the title commitment it is the only other legal document that truly and accurately portrays current conditions such as encroachments, physical improvements, easements, setbacks and encumbrances as they affect your land. By state law, only a licensed Professional Land Surveyor can sign a Plat of Survey, and no unqualified substitute should be accepted in lieu of this most important document.